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Bellatrix Nemesis Black
31 December
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[Character info]

Name: Bellatrix Nemesis Black
Age/Birthday: 18, December 31, 1957
House: Slytherin, 7th year

Physical Description (be specific): Bellatrix is a very tall girl, standing 5'10, with a thin figure. Her facial features, individually, could be considered quite pretty but somehow, mixed together, they just seem more harsh than anything else. She does have an expressive face, though. There is little to no doubt what she's filling at any given time. Her eyes stand out the most, pale blue, heavy lidded, and framed by long, thick lashes. She seems to be looking through whomever she's talking to more than looking at them. She has clear, creamy skin and long dark hair. Her hands, if you ever bothered to really look, are not in the best of condition. She bites her nails often and, when she has none to bite, will sit and pick at the cuticles.

Personality Description (please also include 15 words that describe your character): Bellatrix is, quite unashamedly, a very prejudiced person. Whether it's a matter of blood, wealth, intelligence, magical strength, ...she is simply unable to tolerate anyone that she deems lesser than herself in anyway. There are very few people that are able to live up to her standards, and she makes sure to let everyone around her know that they are, in her eyes, unworthy. To her, this is a service. If it's something that they can change, then they know they had better do something about it. If it's not something that can be changed, if it's something that they're born unable to help, then they know they have no business pretending to be something that they are not and should leave. She's probably the toughest on the younger members of her family, wanting them to live up to their name and status. It's almost a personal mission for her to make Sirius and Andromeda see just how wrong they are about everything and to make them change. The only reason she has not yet written them off is because she quite simply does not accept failure. If, at any point, she is less than successful at anything, it is the fault of someone else, and she will take her failure out on them. It's only right, as she obviously isn't and shouldn't be to blame. She has trouble sleeping, sometimes surviving on one or two hours of sleep in a twenty four hour period for up to four or five days at a time. It's clear when she's been going without sleep. Her eyes seem unfocused and she's often provoked by the smallest of things. She is aware that her future is to marry a pureblood man and to carry on the line, but she wants more than that in her future, as willing as she is to accept it. She wants to make a name for herself, somehow. To be recognised as an individual and not just a last name.

Fifteen words: prejudiced, intelligent, cruel, loyal, ambitious, manipulative, passionate, self-centred, perfectionist, demanding, quick tempered, insomniac, driven, outspoken, idealistic

Family Background (blood lines, family personality/outlook): Bellatrix is the oldest child of Cygnus and Druella Black, born on the last day of 1957. It wasn't long before they had two other daughters, and all of Bellatrix's life she's only been "the eldest", not really recognised for herself. Still, she took her duties as the eldest Black child seriously. It was her job to watch after her sisters and cousins, her job to make sure that they stayed in line. This has stayed with her all these years. Her family is important to her, and she wouldn't hesitate to rip apart anyone who had caused any harm to any of her family. At the same time, she wouldn't hesitate to rip apart any of her sisters or cousins that she perceived to be tainting the family name. Other people may refer the way she treats the others as bullying, but Bellatrix herself considers if a form of tough love, something that simply has to be done. She respects the elder members of her family, other than Alphard whom she's never really been fond of, and tries to act to their wishes. She can't help to feel restricted in their wishes, though. A perfect pureblood, upper-class lady may be all well and good for her mother and for her youngest sister, but she wants more, to be able to do something with her life other than exist for the sole reason of creating it. She is still trying to figure out a way that she can balance the two, be who she wants while remaining loyal to her family and who they want her to be.

Personal History (exactly that, personal history): Bellatrix grew up being reminded, constantly, that she was unique, special, and above all other people simply because of the purity of her blood, her family's status, and her last name. She grew up believing this unquestioningly, and as she grew only added more reasons to the list. She never really had to worry about anyone else's opinion of her, for her own opinion was high enough for everyone. Those that she was above, she was taught, were not worthy of her attention, were not worthy to be taught magic, and generally were trash, the dirt under her feet. Over the years she's wondered just, why, if the world is so filthy, no one bothers to clean it up. Ideally, she'd like to dedicate her life to purifying it. Realistically, she knows she is to marry a man with blood as pure as hers and have children, so that there will be future generations of purebloods. She doesn't see just why she can't do both, she just has to figure out how. She has been the one to take care of her sisters and cousins and keep them on the path their family wants for so long that she doesn't remember a time when she wasn't the one that was constantly fixing things, doesn't remember ever really getting to be a child since she had to spend her childhood playing grown up when all of the adults were too busy with other things. Lately she's grown frustrated with Andromeda and Sirius, her attempts to fix them, to make them who they are supposed to be not working. It was only an annoyance when they first started rebelling, but now she's almost to the point of throwing up her hands and declaring them as worthless as the rest of the masses. The only thing that doesn't is the fact she will feel as if she has failed and that's not a feeling she particularly relishes. She has to succeed in everything, if only to prove to herself that she isn't just a future perfect pureblood lady but her own person. Sometimes she feels that she'd have less issues had she been born male, but the truth is she doesn't have a high enough of opinion of the majority of the sex to want to be one.